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Namibia: Heavy Hailstorm Destroys Crops

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Pensioner Frieda Nahambo from Okashana Kemanya in Eengodi constituency of Oshikoto region was left devastated by a hailstorm that left behind a trail of destruction to her crops.

The 60-year-old Nahambo said, last week Friday afternoon, while working in her field, she saw a black cloud hovering above her homestead.

She felt a few raindrops and that was when she decided to run to her bedroom.

“The next thing I heard was thunder. I ran into the room and locked the door. It was so strong. I was not sure if it was gunshots or wind. I couldn’t hear anything; my ears were blocked,” narrated Nahambo.

The blustery wind that accompanied the hailstorm tussled with Nahambo’s roof and eventually caused a hole in the corrugated iron sheets.

“The roof started shaking. Sand started falling from the roof. The next thing I was being rained on while in my room. I was so scared,” she said.

The rain eventually stopped and that was when Nahambo decided to leave the room and investigate. She said she was flabbergasted to see plies of hailstones that were knee-deep.

She was soon devastated to see that her crops were destroyed, as the crops were no longer standing but laying on the ground.

“There was nothing in the field. The crops were all laying down. There is nothing to eat anymore. I am thinking of hiring a tractor again but I have no more money. I don’t know what we will eat. I had a lot of beans and corn but they were all damaged. I see hunger this year,” she said.

The pensioner said that although her neighbours also experienced the hailstorm, the effects were not as severe as was in her field. Nahambo, who has children in boarding school, relied on her crops to provide for them. She is, however, faithful that God will send her a miracle.

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