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Namibia: Gondwana Reinvents Itself During a Quiet Period in Tourism

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The Gondwana Collection Namibian has turned the Gondwana Travel Centre in Windhoek in to an all-in-one hub for travel and safaris in Namibia as from 1 March.

The centre will be used to support direct bookings to most local hotels and lodges as well as all their properties.

Furthermore the centre will assist with car rental needs, travel support and destination management.

Emile Hart, Integrated Cluster Manager of the Gondwana Travel Centre said anything is possible and they have time and all the opportunities in the world.

“We will do this the only way we know how, the Gondwana way way, where, individual guest in need of a personal touch are welcome to ask for tailor-made itineraries, agents can contact the Centre any time for exciting group itineraries or scheduled tours,” he added.

Meanwhile, another renewal for the Collection includes the creation of the Safari2Go Online Travel Agency on www.namibian.org, which will soon be able to support accommodation establishments across Namibia and will bring these offerings to the world.

The Gondwana Collection Namibia is very excited to roll out these new projects and to play a vital role in ensuring the success of the Namibian tourism sector.

The new Gondwana Travel Centre introduced its managers and cluster heads, from left to right, Sarah Kasupi, Scheduled Tours, Emile Hart, Integrated Cluster Manager, Cadeescha Hampira, Events, Eddy-Attu Ward, Gondwana Cards and Direct Clients, Erika Gaweses, Corporate and Corporate Events, Natalia Leppen, Engagement Hub and Charlotte Schoeman, Customer Engagement and Relationship Manager.

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