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Namibia: 200 Border Officials Live in Squalor

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Leaking drains, broken toilets and green, smelly sewage water. These are the conditions officials at the Omahenene border post live in.

The officials work for the ministries of agriculture, finance, health, police and immigration while some work for Amta and the Namibia Agronomic Board.

They all live in the Omahenene border post accommodation the government built, and they were accommodated there in 2013.

However, the officials told The Namibian this week that they have been living in deplorable conditions for three years.

According to them, they have now stopped using showers and toilets in their houses because they are flooded with the sewage.

“We run to nearby bushes when nature calls,” the officials said.

The Namibian also saw makeshift showers which the officials now use, as the showers in their houses are dysfunctional.

When The Namibian visited the place this week, green-blackish sewage discharge could be seen flowing in a narrow trench from a drain into a nearby hole.

Goats drank this water, while pigs played in it.

Now, some officials have been forced to leave their houses because of the stench, and they have built shacks or erected tents.

Those who are still staying in the houses say their toilets do not flush away waste anymore. They described the situation as a ticking time bomb for hepatitis E.

“We are running out of patience,” the officials said.

They said they have reported the matter to the ministry of works, but their plight has been ignored.