Home Entertainment ‘My Talents Earned Me Makanaki In Return Of The Kings’ | The Guardian Nigeria News

‘My Talents Earned Me Makanaki In Return Of The Kings’ | The Guardian Nigeria News

‘My Talents Earned Me Makanaki In Return Of The Kings’ | The Guardian Nigeria News


Nigerian musician and songwriter, Remilekun Khalid Safaru, popularly known as Reminisce, is one of the actors in Kemi Adetiba’s The Return of The King, a sequel to the successful 2018 crime political drama, King Of Boys (KOB).

The film was critically acclaimed for its gripping storyline and has remained on the list of highest grossing Nigerian films till date. Sola Sobowale and Adesua Etomi-Wellington also won the 2019 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Supporting Role, respectively.

Three years after the release of King of Boys, the highly awaited sequel to one of the highest-grossing Nollywood movies of all time, finally hit Netflix yesterday, but this time, as a seven-episode series.

King Of Boys: The Return of The King will see Sola Sobowale and Toni Tones return as Eniola Salami and picks up with Eniola’s triumphant return after a five-year exile. However, her shocking, unannounced return rattles the cages of her enemies. And once-trusted allies desert her at her most vulnerable moment, all while she faces an even greater battle within herself for the redemption of her tortured soul.

Rapper Reminisce, who played the role of the main villain, Makanaki, spoke to ENIOLA DANIEL on his experience on the project and aspirations.

How will you describe your role as the valiant in the movie?
I played the role of someone trying to register his name in the corridor of power and gangsterism. It’s a very bright character; valiant but valuable and likeable character. People say that I executed it very well.

Do you think your look earned you the role of Makanaki?
I don’t appear that way; I don’t sound that way. But the beauty of being an actor is being able to look a certain way and make people believe it. So, being talented enough to execute something earned me the role of Makanaki.

An actor should be able to fit into any role and execute properly. I’ve been with the same woman for 11 years and I have three children. And I don’t look that way. So, there’s nothing like somebody looks a certain way; just the ability to execute and make people believe it. That’s what defines a great actor, but I am not a great actor yet.

How difficult was it interpreting the role?
Coming back was not easy, because it was two years and eight months after the first one. So, coming back, getting into character was a bit difficult; I added a bit of weight of course, everybody also lost touch. There were a couple of nights where Kemi Adetiba had to cancel and asked everyone to go back and it took us time to get into character and assume the role. But Kemi gave us time and we study every night before going to bed and we were able to get things back.

What should movie lovers and your fans be expecting from you based on the role you played?
There is a surprise factor that nobody knows or thinks, it will be shocking for many to see my characters back. Aside that, there’s a bit of a twist on the story and the way the story ends, so, they are in for a great ride.

Did you enjoy your time on set?
I enjoyed every minute. I don’t do what I don’t enjoy and the moment I start to feel uncomfortable, I leave. Anyone that has worked with me knows that about me. It’s obviously a new experience for me, meeting people. Though, I’ve been in the business of movie making for a while, but this movie is new to me. So, these are people I see on TV, the same way they watch me on TV.

Will you love to play the role of Makanaki again?
Of course, I will be willing to take it up if the pay is right. If my mood is right and if the production is right, definitely, I’ll be willing to do it.

What was the major motivation for you, was it the pay?
I just wanted to try something new; the same way I tried to do something new every other year. Right now, I’m doing sports; I own a sports agency. Currently, I own the biggest football show; you don’t start something because of the money. I wasn’t a registered actor when I did KOB 1, so, I couldn’t have gotten a lot of money. The money cannot be a motivating factor for me at this level. I didn’t get into doing movie by chance; I’d always wanted to do this.

Everybody knows how much I love football, how much I talk about football, so, if I start a sports agency, it’s not new to many people who have been following me. I just try to look for the right time to execute this thing. Money is not a major motivation, but for the end result, I say yes to money.

As an actor, can you reject any role?
There’s no role I can’t interpret and I’m looking for a role where I can kiss; I’ve not kissed since I made my acting debut and it’s not nice, so, I am looking for a role I where can kiss and touch. My wife will always tell me that I don’t hold an actress very well in movies, that I need to be more passionate.

What does Netflix buying Nigeria movie means to you as an actor?
Netflix coming in is a major shift; it’s a major shift in the market. Some people begin to shiver; they are afraid that it will affect the guys in the cinemas, but yes, of course, they will be affected, but that’s where the world is heading now. Digital companies like Apple music and Spotify are affecting Alaba market.

For the fact that Netflix pay for production upfront is a huge shift in the dynamics and it’s great for the Nigeria market. I think it’s the way to go; that’s where the world is.

What’s your perception on the Return of The King?
I think it is a fantastic project. It started off as a movie, now it’s like a mini series. I think it’s a wonderful project; Kemi put in her all and I think it’s worth watching. And the fact that it’s the first Netflix original movie from Nigeria, I mean, it deserves some love.

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