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Mozambique: Police Find Lifeless Body On Costa Do Sol Beach

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Maputo — One lifeless body, presumably drowned, was found on Maputo’s Costa do Sol beach, on the first day of the New Year, according to a report on Saturday by the Maputo City Police Command.

Speaking at a press conference in which he gave the preliminary picture of the incidents recorded by the police during the festive season, Leonel Muchina, the spokesperson for the Maputo City Police Command, said that the victim, who was 33 years old, might have drowned.

The police recorded another death in Catembe neighbourhood, on the other side of Maputo bay, where a 49 year old man is suspected of having committed suicide.

“By and large, the transition to the New Year was peaceful despite some incidents,” Muchina said.

He added that two cases of sexual assault against underage girls were reported in Ferroviario neighbourhood. In one case, a 34 year old man is accused of a sexual assault against a 12 year old girl and in the other a nine year old girl was assaulted by a 27 year old man. Both the accused rapists are now under police custody.

The police also recorded five road accidents. In one of the most serious, on New Year’s Eve, a truck driver unwittingly crushed a five year old child who had been playing underneath the truck. In a second case a victim was left to die by a hit-and-run driver. In the other accidents there were no victims but huge damage was caused to the involved vehicles.

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