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Mozambique: New Minister of Science and Technology

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Maputo — Mozambican President Filip Nyusi on Tuesday appointed Daniel Nivigara as Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Nivigara was previously an associate professor at the country’s largest institution of higher education, the Pedagogic University, where he was director of the Faculty of Education Sciences and Psychology.

The appointment follows a reorganization of the Ministry earlier this month. It was previously the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher, Technical and Professional Education. Nyusi relieved the Minister, Gabriel Salimo, of his duties and removed Technical and Professional Education from the Ministry.

Nyusi also re-appointed Agostinho Langa Junior as Secretary of State for Technical and Professional Education (under the previous arrangement, Langa had also been Secretary of State for Higher Education).

Swearing Langa into office on Tuesday, Nyusi called for gender parity in professional and technical education. There was no reason why women should be restricted to office work, or to the hotel and tourism industry, he said, since there is plenty of evidence that women are capable of exercising any activity competently. “We want to encourage recognition of this”, declared Nyusi.

The President also called for special attention to be given to disabled people in technical and professional training, and called for a quota system to ensure that people with disabilities have access to such training.

He recognized that the equipment used in technical and professional education is very expensive, and so required “special care and attention”. Nyusi suggested setting up a school dedicated exclusively to training managers of technical and professional colleges.

There had been cases of mismanagement in recent years, leading to the deterioration of equipment, he added, citing the cases of the Munhama Institute in Niassa province, the Nampula Commercial and Industrial School and the Hotel School in Pemba.

Nyusi urged Langa to restore quality, and guarantee the maintenance of the infrastructures of the technical collages.

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