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Mauritius: ‘When Mauritius Lost its Bedside Manners by Touria Prayag’ – Where the economic poster boy failed…

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Mauritius used to be acknowledged as a model of democracy, good governance and robust economic development. We were the pride of the African continent and acclaimed as an economic poster boy by the world. Today, a harsh reality is sinking in, marked by abuse of political power.

This book fearlessly depicts that reality and the ecosystem that has led to it: an unprecedented hijacking of almost all institutions, thus shattering the checks and balances system without which no democracy can function effectively. This has led to many people, especially political opponents or citizens being critical of Government, to be targeted by what seems to be revenge politics. The book talks about the plight of some of these citizens, one of whom is Bruneau Laurette.

This book does not in any way suggest that Bruneau Laurette or other citizens caught in the web of a purportedly legal but disgracefully abusive system are guilty or innocent of what they have been accused of. That is for our courts to decide in due course. What it does instead is raise disturbing questions we should all be asking.

#BLD: When Mauritius Lost its Bedside Manners is a sequel to the hard-hitting book Provisional Charges: The Untold Human Stories, which depicted the victims of revenge politics. We now have a fresh forensic analysis of abuse of political power.

The author is a prominent journalist with a special interest in human rights. She tells the stories of the victims with sensitivity and human understanding. This book is a primer for every humanist, democrat and human rights activist concerned with abuse or misuse of power in the 21st century.

Copies of the book will be available at Le Cygne and all Bookcourt outlets as from Monday. A book signing session with the author will take place at Le Cygne at 10 am tomorrow.

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