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Malawi: Minister Tembo Urges Malawians to Embrace Tree Planting Spirit

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Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources, Nancy Tembo has urged the public to embrace the spirit of tree planting.

She made the remarks on Monday during tree planting exercise which was organized by Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) and Trocaire at the catchment area of Lilongwe River situated at Katete Farm in Lilongwe.

Tembo said that trees are vital to everyday human life hence it was everyone’s responsibility to take part in tree planting.

“It is everybody’s responsibility to plant trees, we all need tree for fuel wood, oxygen, construction and we all need trees for almost everything which we do every day, in fact we need trees more than trees need us.

“We cannot spend a day without using something made from trees and trees also help to conserve environment and make sure that we have adequate water, in addition trees helps to mitigate climate change issues such as drought,” she said.

Tembo added that government wants to plant 60 million trees across the country during tree planting season which commenced in December 2020 and scheduled to run up to April 2021.

The Minister commended LWB for supporting government in conserving environment in the country particularly on the sources of Lilongwe River.

“I would like to thank LWB for continued support to government efforts of conserving the source of Lilongwe River by assisting the Department of Forestry in different areas.

“For instance, three weeks ago LWB handed over one of the three houses for the forest guards that have been constructed with their support and we are not taking this thing for granted,” she said.