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Lights, camera, actionGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Lights, camera, actionGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Their view: Lights, camera, action
Our view: Popcorn, drinks, film heaven

… makes for perfect bliss. But post-pandemic, we have not had enough films to even enjoy. So let’s help chase away the blues with our film collection. Most of these films were produced in 2020 but premiered in 2021.
So here is the list of our top films for early 2021.

Omo Ghetto: The Saga
Funke Akindele dishes out yet another laugh-out-loud moment in cinemas worldwide with “Omo Ghetto-The Saga” and garnered a whopping amount of 468million naira. From outrageously funny dialogues, the film continues the story of Lefty (Funke Akindele) from the previous installment, Omo Ghetto, after she was reunited with her twin sister, Ayomide (also played by Funke), and her biological mother. The ghetto-character of Lefty moves in with her mom, who wants her to be integrated into high-societal life. This world is far from anything Lefty knows but she manoeuvres through life and tries to merge both the street and high-class society. The film touches on We can’t be fun and games all day, as the film touches on issues of cybercrime, love scam, child substance trafficking among others. In case you don’t understand the Yoruba language, you may get lost because of the use of the Yoruba language which is evident in a Yoruba turned English film, but you soon find your way as Funke dishes out Queens English as Ayomide.

Namaste Wahala
The name already hints that this is not your normal Nigerian film. And surprise! It is also not the Nigerian remake of an Indian film. This is a breakthrough in the science of love. This film breaks all boundaries as it reveals chemistry can happen between people of any colour or race. Although it gets corny and leaves you pondering on how Indian chapati bread goes with Jollof rice. If you have ever wondered how an Indian would sound if they tried to conjure pidgin out of their mouths? This is the film for you.

Nneka The Pretty Serpent
This film was created during the pandemic in 2020, yet it will leave you impressed. What the film lacks in continuity, it makes up for with impressive acting, believable fight scenes, lit cinematography, stellar colour grading, and that wholesome acting. The cast is, if you are sure to be unafraid to look into the mirror after watching it, this film is for you.

Quams Money
What do you get when you mix typical rags to riches story with Falz the bad guy? Well, you get madness, utter madness with all its trimmings. Keeping up with his characters and accent sure gives us something to look forward to. The film which is a sequel to 2018’s New Money revolves around New Money’s main character Toun’s( played by Jemima Osunde) boyfriend, Quam (played by Falz). Quam has hit it big and is living an extravagant life which makes him a target for The BBB (Borrow Borrow Boys). He gets duped of 500 million naira and the fun begins when he tries to recover it. Overall, if you can overlook some logical inconsistencies, you will be jolting out of your seat with laughter.

Still Falling
The faith-based romance is directed by Dimbo and Karachi Atiya who are a couple in reality. The story is about exes Lagi (played by Daniel Etim -Effiong) and Bono (played by Sharon Ooja) who dated seven years ago. During their time together, Lagi was very abusive, some details of which Bono wrote in her diary. The very descriptive details contained in the diary feed your imagination, coupled with the beautiful acting by the main characters. The film explores the question: When faith gives you another chance at love, will you take it or ask for your pound of flesh?

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