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Liberia: President Weah Provides Solar Street Lights in Sass Town, Grand Kru County

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Sass Town — President George Manneh Weah has lit up streets and homes in his native land, Sass Town, Grand Kru County.

Felorkri, Sass Town was lit up Sunday evening with solar power on the eve of the President’s departure from the county.

The installation of solar lights came few days after President Weah announced making Sass Town “a beautiful city.”

He said, as President, it would be important to ensure that his homeland is developed, while developing other areas in Liberia.

At the commissioning ceremony, President Weah said: “Providing electricity to rural parts of Liberia, including Sasstown, is part of the government’s developmental drive to decentralize country’s resources.”

Early Sunday morning, members of the special presidential street lighting taskforce were seen erecting poles and installing solar panels in Sass Town.

The streets and 500 homes in Sasstown were lighted, as first phase of his electrification of Grand Kru County.

During a formal ceremony recently to light up the streets of Monrovia and its environs, President Weah promised to extend the project to other parts of the country.

While touring communities in the countryside, the President promised locals that his government would, amongst other things, ensure development is spread out across the country, including electrification of their towns and cities.

Sass Town is among one of the least develop areas in Grand Kru County and Liberia at large, with most of its inhabitants relying on fishing and farming as major source of survival.

The place known as the President’s birth place lacks major commercial center, one high school and a clinic.

Meanwhile, President Weah has admonished the citizens of Sass Town to take the project as their own, stressing the need to ensure it is protected.

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