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Let’s organise our year 2021 | The Guardian Nigeria News

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As the year 2020 rolled out of our lives, I called out our team to organise ourselves for this new year 2021. Every four weeks, we shall have a turnaround of topics: a book review, a personality review, a party political profile to encourage democratic growth, and finally an African personality of the month including a continental level business proposal. I had hardly finished admiring these notes when Kunle’s email landed stating that they were expecting my piece for next Sunday 3 January. I was scared. The book had arrived but I was still in hospital in post surgery treatment of Physio and self-management.

CHRONICLES OF THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH is novel by Wole Soyinka. It is 506 pages long. The following is a summary of the novel: “After decades of jousting with the powers that be and living to tell the tale, Wole Soyinka has returned to his roots: story telling.

And though it’s been 40 years after his work of prose fiction, Wole Soyinka proves with this novel that he has lost none of his story-telling chops! A narrative tour de force, this novel has got everything – friendship and betrayal; faith and treachery; hope and cynicism; murder, mayhem and no shortage of drama, all set against the backdrop of contemporary Nigeria. As you will expect from a Soyinka work, it’s got plenty colorful characters, profound insights, witty commentary, and the most elegant language! in Soyinka’s expert hands, the apparently desperate strands are woven together with a master story-teller’s aplomb. CHRONICLES OF THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH, is a great and unputdownable read from start to finish.”

In the last month of 2020, J.J. Rawlings died. The political election crisis has given none of the authorities any chance to prepare a well-deserved burial for the Junior Jesus.

Across the continent, Dangote is making waves. Where resources are being poured into electric cars, Dangote is investing in petroleum products. There is some distant yet to go with fusel fuel. There is no place where the case is made for what Dangote is doing.
At the same time, land is being broken for agricultural purposes that would make our west African region the bread basket of the world.

Two countries on the continent: the Central African Republic and Rwanda are going their separate ways with disaster written large. Another country Uganda has begun to court disaster again. What is the Africa Union doing while these things are happening again?
Ethiopia almost resolved is breaking lose again. What’s happening?

What about the elephant in the room? 2020 may be gone but the COVID – 19 it brought proliferates. Other countries are finding solutions but do you hear anything from Africa? Arrangements are being made to procure vaccines to treat the viruses from Russia, from China. But nothing is heard from Africa. Can Africa, singly or collectively negotiate for vaccine to treat this virulent pandemic? it would seem that once more power has exhausted it’s possibilities on the continent. Where can repurposeful power use age come from now?
New Zealand is coming all way from where they are to be roofing the roof of Africa? At what cost? Repairs? Out-stations across the seas?

There is urgent need for repurpose power in Africa. If there is no repurposing for the use of power, we are sure to sink for a second and long night of darkness. More and more countries are concerning themselves about themselves.

It would seem that the end of collectives for trade purposes are ending. look at the European Union. Who is going to put together now that Trump has destroyed all the structures of the Second World War? The future calls for new demand in terms of climate change. Sea levels are rising. Where will island-nations go? Exploitations are not done. Organise to protect the weak and the powerless.

International organizations are weakening and they don’t care. It will soon be each for itself. It will be too late then to protect the weak, the African.

There is a greater question looming over news media and the purpose of news. Who needs news? For what purpose? News means nothing to the small man. Why spend so much on news gathering if it is to protect the big ones? Small organizations have no need for massive investments in small organizations. Limit organizational work to what serves the purpose of small organizations. If there is no corruption to protect there is no need to spend so heavily on news and information gathering. It is time to cut our news gathering according to our dresses. If not we are made to pay for other people’s need for information.

There is room for small research units for medical know-how. There can be cooperative research for medication needed for the young, the female and the elderly. Available resources can be used cooperatively.

Religion is a very expensive game for big organizations. Small organizations cannot play these games. We need to choose our interests and know what serves its purpose.

When those who quarrel chose sides, make sure they do not confuse our sides with their sides. Don’t let them confuse our rules with their rules. We need our heads cleared for our own purposes.

There is nothing more clarifying than a glass of cold water from our well. Once we have cleared our heads we shall know what is good for us.
Nobody is going to clear our heads for us. If anything, if they can confuse us more for their own purpose they will do it. It pays them to do so.

So, let’s get out of their way. Let’s find our way and purpose and follow our way. There are ways aplenty. And there are men and women ready to rent themselves to other people’s ways.

It is easy now to clear our way and go ahead. In a few months time, it would be too late. Let’s get going, let’s move on. It’s morning yet on creation day.

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