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Lesotho: Parliament Passes Diamond Amnesty Law

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THE National Assembly on Tuesday adopted a subordinate law which gives persons currently in illegal possession of rough diamonds until 31 January 2021 to declare them to the government.

This will give the government an opportunity to clearing illegal diamonds off the black market.

The Precious Stones (Prevention of Illicit and Theft of Diamonds) Regulations, 2020, was tabled before the house by Mining minister Serialong Qoo in October this year. It paves way for the re-introduction of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) by the government.

Kimetso Mathaba, the acting chairperson of the Natural Resources, Tourism and Land Cluster Committee, which recommended the adoption of the subordinate law after scrutinising it, said under the regulation, dealers would not be arrested but would instead be assisted to securely sell their inventory of diamonds to the open market.

Mr Mathaba, who is the leader of the National Independent Party (NIP), said holders of such diamonds would be required to fill in forms on declaring the diamonds. The diamonds will eventually be sold locally through an auction.

“The main purpose of the regulation is to grant amnesty to all persons in illegal possession of diamonds, meaning those without dealers’ licenses,” Mr Mathaba said.

“The regulation is also meant to ensure traceability and source of our diamonds to prepare for the upcoming artisanal and small-scale mining.”

The government will eventually introduce a new law to regulate small-scale mining after clearing all the diamonds that are currently floating on the black market.