Home Business Landshop Prime Lets You Buy Land from N1,500

Landshop Prime Lets You Buy Land from N1,500

Landshop Prime Lets You Buy Land from N1,500

Landshop, Nigeria’s premier real estate development & co-investment company,has launched Landshop Primeto transform the real estate market and address the misconception that property acquisition has to be expensive and difficult.

Most people are interested in owning property, but usually have a hard time parting with millions of naira at once to buy land or own a house; hence Landshop is closing that gap by allowing any Nigerian buy land for as low as N1,500 per square metre with GrowProperty or co-own property as a group with LandshopThrift.

Nicknamed The Smart and The Savvy, Landshop Prime is peak real estate product offering — adopting a duo of fresh ideas to introduce clients to the revolution needed for smarter, more convenience in the future of real estate.

The Smart, known as Grow Property, is transforming how property acquisition is offered to buyers. Rather than shell out millions of Naira at a go for a plot of land or house, Grow Property enables buyers literally grow the land or house by acquiring it bit by bit; for as little as N1,500 per square meter or co-own a house and earn income from the asset with as low as N50,000 per slot.

The Savvy aka LandshopThrift is a spin on the age-old mutual investment, like co-operative, ajo, esusu and adashe where multiple investors with mutual interests can own property together even at more affordable price point.

What’s more, your property titles are held securely by a 3rd party Trust company (PAC Trustees Ltd) so you can be sure of getting exactly what you paid for, despite paying in bits or as a group over time.

Landshop Prime is also offering a sale of up to 30% off select properties for a limited time.

For more details, click here to start https://bit.ly/3pie0pL, call: +234 01 888 0063 / email: care@landshop.ng or chat with Landshop on WhatsApp Only: +234 818 886 6772


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