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Lack of justice impedes unity, development in Nigeria – Cleric

Lack of justice impedes unity, development in Nigeria - Cleric

The Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Kaduna State, Rev. John Joseph Hayab has stressed that the biggest problem impeding the progress, unity and development of the country is the lack of justice.

He said instead, divisions have been created along religious, ethnic and sectional lines, which makes it a serious challenge for Nigerians to see themselves as one entity in all spheres of life.

Speaking on the “Good morning Nigerians” show on NTA on the role of youths, the CAN state chairman noted that Nigeria has to admit it went wrong at some point.

“If you want to get out of these divisions that we have created in Nigeria, we have to admit where we went wrong, was that how we were before? Even with the civil war, was there no sense of unity in Northern and Southern Nigeria? Efforts were put in place to unite Nigeria and bring people together.”

He added, “What went wrong that today in Nigeria everybody talks about his tribe, religion, section, himself and private identity, not talking about the unity of Nigeria and how to move forward.”

He noted that Nigeria’s forefathers sacrificed so much of their lives to make the country one, adding that the failure to say the truth about wrongs done, is the reason ethnic tension keeps growing all over Nigeria.

He lamented that in the country, Nigerians create divisions among themselves, dividing along ethnic and religious lines, purposefully to cover the evil they have done to the people following the bad governance they have given to Nigerians by the way they have stolen the wealth of the country.

“We should look at our problems as a collective challenge that we all need together to solve and find the way out to it but regrettably, we begin to use ethnicity and religion to divide ourselves.”

He noted that the Global Peace Foundation in Nigeria preaches that human beings are one family under God but that most religious preachers are not honest, as they preach peace in public but say different in secret.

“We must learn to embrace one another and walk together as brothers and sisters and as members of the same family for the country to move forward in all aspects of life.

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