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Kenya: Travel – Fun Things to Do While in Malindi

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I had been to Malindi only once before so when a friend asked me to tag along for a trip there, I was ecstatic. We stayed at Malindi Dream Garden, a dreamy two-year-old property with great Swahili architecture and big glass windows that give one the feeling of being outside. We would gallivant by the pool and later enjoy a session at Mvua Spa where water jets massage you. Malindi may seem small but it is the second largest coastal town after Mombasa. There are lots of activities that one can do to whirl away the time in between lounging on the beach. Here is what to do when down there:

Visit Malindi falconry

The falconry is located off Lamu Road. It is a zoo with a wealth of birds and reptiles. You can bird watch as you learn different bird species and their habits. There are crocodiles, terrapins, snakes, turtles and tortoises. You can feed bananas to the turtles or even get to wrap a non-poisonous snake around your neck a ‘la Brittney Spears style.

Marafa and Mambrui dunes

This is a large expanse of white sand, and dunes so do not go there expecting too much. Go in the midafternoon, so the sun is not too hot. After the Mambrui dunes, visit Marafa Hell’s Kitchen. Marafa is a beautiful sandstone gorge that is run by the local community. The gorge has magnificent red, white and crimson ridges that are made more magnificent by the setting sun. Get to learn about the myth, it is said a rich wasteful man got carried away by a river after God got angry with him for bathing in milk and not helping his poor neighbours. Remember to give the local guide a generous tip.