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Kenya: Shoemaker Opens Sh150 Manufacturing Factory

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A Germany-based shoe manufacturer has launched Sh150 million factory in Kwale County with a promise to revolutionise the footwear market in the country. Josef Seibel Group has rolled out the new shoe line under the brand name Romika.

The proprietor, Mr Carl-August Seibel, said the factory will produce 1,000 pairs of school shoes in a day, which will be sold exclusively in Kenya and will match respective school uniforms. He said the company will also train local shoemakers on production and marketing.

“This is a model shoe making factory in the county that will go a long way in providing job opportunities to locals as well as training local shoemakers to improve their skills,” he said, adding that the company has already employed at least 200 locals.

Josef Seibel Group also owns other brands including Josef Seibel, Spirit of Nature, Titian and owns the license for Gerry Weber.

Great achievement

Governor Salim Mvurya assured local and foreign investors of the county’s support in ensuring a healthy business environment in the growth of the county’s economy.

“This is a great achievement for us as it will create the much needed job opportunities and lead to economic growth and development,” he said, adding the county has been able to attract investors because of its conducive environment and ease of doing businesses.

Recently, the governor witnessed the launch of Kentaste, a coconut processing factory, in the county, joining a multi-billion steel manufacturer owned by Devki Steel Mills.

It was launched in 2018 and is expected to have a big impact on the local economy.

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