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Kenya: Motorists Stranded, Residents Displaced By Floods in Homa Bay

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Transport services along the Homa Bay-Katito road were disrupted for several hours on Monday after a river broke its banks.

Motorists were stranded for five hours near Nyangweso market after floods submerged Awach Tende bridge.

Several residents of Nyalunya, Tethra, Odienya and Nyarut villages were forced to relocate from their homes which were submerged by the floods.

Youths from the village took advantage of the situation and pushed vehicles to safety at a fee of between Sh200 and Sh500.

Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators resorted to alternative routes through villages in Rangwe to reach their destinations.

Mr Capis Otieno, a matatu driver, said he refunded passengers their fare after he got stranded.

“I will go home empty-handed today. All my plans have been ruined because the passengers I was supposed to take to Kisumu have alighted and boarded other vehicles. I could not risk crossing the river with all passengers,” he said.

Flooded villages

Residents have appealed to the government to construct dykes to prevent floods.

Ms Nereah Ochanda, a resident, said she lost all her poultry to the flood waters.

“I woke up at 4am to find my house flooded. This has been the situation for many years. The government should find a solution to this problem,” she said.

Disaster Management Director Eliud Onyango led officials in assessing the situation on Monday before giving a comprehensive report about the level of destruction.

In Suba, 50 families have been displaced from their homes after water from Gwassi hills flooded several villages.

Suba Deputy County Commissioner Joseph Maina said the worst affected area is Nyandiwa trading centre where families living in rental houses were forced to leave their homes.

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