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Kenya: Families Displaced By Floods in Nyanza

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Several families in Nyanza region have been displaced from their homes by floods caused by the heavy rains being witnessed in the region.

In Homa Bay County, more than 170 families have fled their homes after floods wreaked havoc in the last three days.

County Commissioner Moses Lilan said several homes in lower parts of the county have been flooded by water from rivers which have broken their banks.

Affected families are from Rachuonyo North Sub-county, lower parts of Kochia ward in Rangwe Sub-county, Lambwe in Mbita and Shauri Yako slum within Homa Bay Town.

“We have advised families in these areas to move to safer ground to avoid risks of being harmed. We will continue monitoring the situation and advise the families accordingly,” he said.

Learning disrupted

Learning at Simbi primary school in Rachuonyo North Sub-County was disrupted and learners left stranded as classrooms were flooded after River Awach Tende broke its banks.

The head teacher, Mr Washington Akuno said the learners could not report to school on Monday because they could not wade through the water.

“We were expecting to receive 356 learners. But only 108 pupils had reported to school by 11 am. The learners were unable to access their classrooms which were swamped by water,” said Mr Akuno.

Simbi Primary School has in the past been used as a rescue centre for families affected by floods when their homes are submerged in water.

“We are in a dilemma because we have also become victims of floods. In the past when schools were closed, families would seek refuge here because of the floods,” said Mr Akuno.

Toilets in the school have collapsed after being swamped by flood waters.

“We are in a crisis as learners cannot relive themselves. We are in urgent need of new toilets or risk disease infections. We call on well-wishers and the government to come to our aid,” he said.

In Kogembo sub-location, floods occurred after River Awach broke its banks.

Some families in the area left their homes to seek shelter at various rescue centres.

Kogembo assistant chief Hezekiah Owino said some of the affected houses have since become inhabitable.

Children and expectant women are some of the most affected people.

Mr Owino said that affected families were to be moved to Simbi SDA Church.