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JUSUN calls for sack of Accountant General, accuses him of prolonging strike

JUSUN calls for sack of Accountant General, accuses him of prolonging strike

The Judicial Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN), Cross River State branch has accused the Accountant General of the federation of failure to implement the provision of Executive Order 10 signed by President Buhari.

Executive Order 10, empowers the Accountant General to deduct money meant for the Judiciary from the federation account if the Executive Arms (Governors) refuses to hand over such monies to them.

Speaking with DAILY POST via phone on Wednesday, the Chairman of JUSUN, Cross River State branch Comrade Asanya Ebong regretted the action of the Accountant General accusing him of prolonging the strike embarked upon by the union.

“Section 121 subsections 3 of the constitution says any money standing to the credit of the Judiciary in the consolidated revenue fund shall be paid directly to the head of court but the Governors are not respecting it and we have been dialoguing over it but the governors have not respected it

“Since the governors have not respected that provision of the constitution, the President came up with Executive Order 10 which says any governor who is in breach of section 121 subsection 3, the Accountant General should deduct such money from the federation account to the Judiciary but the Accountant General refused to implement the Executive Order 10.

“The Accountant General without recourse to anybody should deduct the money meant for the Judiciary and give it to Judiciary. But the governors said it was illegal because the constitution does not permit anybody or federal government from deducting money to Judiciary”

Comrade Ebong noted that the governors’ refusal to implement the provision of the constitution made the President come up with Executive Order 10 to compel the governors to respect that section of the law.

He said that refusal to honour the executive order is why the strike is still lingering.

The JUSUN Chairman said “We don’t have strong institutions, imagine where the federal government through the President gives an order that the Accountant General should deduct money from the state allocation to Judiciary but the accountant general refuses to enforce that order.

“If we had strong institutions the Accountant General should be fired, what he has done is gross misconduct, it is a slap on the President’s face because the order was from the President yet the Accountant General who is an employee of the President refuses to carry out his order. He should not be working, he is supposed to be sack” he stated.

”The strike is still on and it is a resumed strike, not a fresh strike, the first strike was immediately after the court judgment in 2014, there was a memorandum of understanding and we suspended the strike and ever since we have been dialoguing even up to the point the executive arm of government-issued the executive order 10.

”In a country where things work such a person is supposed to be sacked, this shows the kind of democracy we have in Nigeria and it is not based on rule of law. There are certain persons that are higher than the law, what is practised in Nigeria is not democracy, it is autocracy where the governors are made to be more powerful than the Legislature and Judiciary and there are no checks and balances.

He advised the Accountant General to respect the President and the Executive Order and the National Assembly to promulgate a law that will punish anyone who does not respect the law” Ebong said.

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