Home Sports Interesting statistics from England, Republic of Ireland 3-0 clash

Interesting statistics from England, Republic of Ireland 3-0 clash

Interesting statistics from England, Republic of Ireland 3-0 clash

England has emerged winner after a convincing 3-0 score against opponent Ireland after a match at the Wembley Arena.

Goals from Harry Maguire and Jadon Sancho was enough to make it 2-0 in the first half as England confirmed their overall dominance at home.

Gareth Southgate and his side can now look forward to an eventful game against Iceland since the green light has been given for the game to take place following concerns surrounding UK travel ban.

With England brimming with genuine confidence ahead of the next fixture, DAILY POST evaluates the match features and statistics.

Shots on target: England 5, Republic of Ireland 2

The match was a frenetic encounter as both sides squared up against each other, in the end, England’s dominance was proven as they prevailed 3-0 winners over their Ireland counterpart. England here had 5 shots on target compared to 2 shots on target from the Republic of Ireland side.

Shots Off Target: England 9, Ireland 1

The number of shots off target in the 90-minute duel tallied up to 10 as the host attacked with all ammunition in the final third.

The visitors had only 1 shot off target as England had the upper hand in the game. The three lions had 9 shots off target in the tie.

Possession: England 58, Ireland 48

The home side dominated the game as expected with the midfield collaborations coming from Harry Winks and Jack Grealish.

They both excelled in the middle before Gareth Southgate introduced Frank Lampard’s replica in Mason Mount.

At the end, England bossed the match proceeding on all regards as it helped them secured the 3-0 win in the friendly match.

Corners: England 12, Ireland 2

The corner-kick stats showed that 12 +2 = 14 corners were produced in the entire match. The home side had 12 corner-kicks compared to the 2 corners recorded by the visiting Irish side at Wembley. That’s the proof of England’s dominance as they forced the visitors into desperate defence in the course of the contest.

Offsides: England 1, Ireland 1

Both sides shared 1 offside apiece between each other in the game with VAR well on duty in the contest. Both sides did their best to keep their lines in aplomb to avoid the offside calls for much of the contest. And that was commendable from both sides especially the visitors who needed a goal of their own in the game.

Fouls: England 11, Ireland 12

The two teams saw a lot of physical challenges ensue in the course of the 90 minutes. It was more of a battle of supremacy between both sides as they ended in a 1-1 draw the last time both teams met at Wembley. And this led to a large number of tackles and fouls so to say. The host had 11 fouls as compared to the 12 fouls the Irish side had in the entire game.

Goalkeeping Saves: England 2, Republic Of Ireland 2

The match saw the two goalkeepers called into action on a couple of occasions. The England goalkeeper Nick Hope kept a clean sheet thanks to the territorial organization Harry Maguire orchestrated in the defence. But both goalkeepers (England and Republic of Ireland) made 2 goalkeeping saves in the contest.

Goal-Kick: England 2, Republic Of Ireland 9

The number of goal-kicks cumulated in this tie was expected to be huge owing to the (royal) rumbling that took place in this fixture.

England pegged the Republic of Ireland side back in goal many times due to their sterling attacking makeup in the game.

They were on hand to enforce 9 goal-kicks against their Irish Counterpart compared to the 2 goals-kick Ireland mustered as well.

Treatments: England 0, Republic Of Ireland 2

Despite the physical duel that took place on the pitch between both sides (England) and (Republic of Ireland) only 2 treatments were noted in the entire 90 minutes. And it all fell to the Republic of Ireland side as England had no treatment to deal within the game.

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