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Insecurity: Buhari importing, creating jobs for herdsmen – Pastor Giwa

Divide Nigeria now before it's too late - Pastor Giwa tells political leaders

The Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of importing Fulani from other countries into Nigeria and creating jobs for them through criminalities.

Giwa, in a statement made available to DAILY POST on Thursday said that Nigeria was collapsing while Buhari’s body language kept motivating Fulani herdsmen to terrorize the country more.

The cleric noted that one of the greatest crimes was silence in the face of injustice, noting that Buhari had refused to speak against herdsmen activities.

“The book of Proverbs 31:8 tells me to speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable,” Giwa said.

He added, “The truth is that President Muhammadu Buhari has refused to live in the light and save millions of Nigerians who continue to cry for justice. I am doing what God sends me, and I shall continue to say the truth as long as I’m still breathing. The truth can only save a nation.

“President Buhari has divided Nigeria in all ramifications. He imports his Fulani kinsmen into the country to terrorize Nigerians. All of us cannot be sleeping in the buff; I challenge other men of God to speak out at this difficult time. And if they refuse to talk, I wonder what kind of God they serve.

“You don’t just gather God’s people praying to God to destroy their enemies. The greatest enemies Nigerians have now are those who oppress and terrorize them.

“Anybody who does not want Nigeria to disintegrate after 60 years of suffering is the enemy of the people. Prayer without action is useless, we must all rise and speak up if we truly want our people to be out of this mess. Nobody is safe in Nigeria right now, including the president.

“If we all rely on prayers without action to get things done, then, something is wrong. Nigerians are the most prayerful people in the world, yet, we live in poverty, insecurity among others.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has created jobs for his Fulani kinsmen through terrorism. They are everywhere, including the streets of Nigeria. Aside this, president Buhari controls the majority media stations in Nigeria, he dictates to them what to put out for the citizens.

“All of a sudden, some media stations have changed the identities of Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram to “bandits” so that people get confused. I specifically commend this medium and a few others for reporting the truth to Nigerians and the world.

“The Fulanis have turned Nigeria into a bloody nation because they have everything under control. Most of the politicians in the North are Fulanis, including President Buhari. This is all the more reason why they think they own Nigeria and they can get away with anything they do.

“We have never had it so badly as what the nation is currently passing through. Since President Buhari took over in 2015, they have been increasing attacks on Nigerians by herders on a daily basis.

“They shout “Allahuakbar” whenever they succeed in any operation. Buhari’s kinsmen are the ones destroying Nigeria and the permanent solution to it is to divide the country among the North, East and Western regions.

“You don’t need a clairvoyant, pastors or prophets to tell you that Nigeria can only come out of this mess through disintegration. Let me maintain my stand that there is no other way out except each region manages its own resources unless we want to continue to deceive ourselves.

“Nigerians might witness the worst government after president Buhari if we fail to disintegrate. My point is that we should not expect anyone to perform better after Buhari if Nigeria escapes division this time around.

“Divide Nigeria into regions and let each of it get its own constitution. This will give Nigerians peace; the truth is that the majority of citizens are eagerly waiting for disintegration.

“If they don’t heed quickly to this advice, the events that will accelerate it will happen in no time. All the ‘goliaths’ holding the progress of Nigeria will fall flat.

“Whenever they hear us mentioning division, their blood pressures go up. Why are they afraid of disintegration when they must have failed to turn Nigeria around in the last 60 years?”

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