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How UNN Non-Academic Staff Member Harassed, Stripped, Verbally Abused My Friend —Lady

How UNN Non-Academic Staff Member Harassed, Stripped, Verbally Abused My Friend —Lady

A Twitter User @faithieee__ has alleged an assault on her friend at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, by some non-academic staff members of the school.

According to her, the lady allegedly assaulted, identified as Chioma, was stripped naked, punished, and intimidated because of how she was dressed to submit her assignment at the student affairs office.

She said her friend was simply wearing a “black T-shirt, yellow mini-skirt, and tied her hair with durag.”

The friend claimed a non-academic staff member accosted the student, accused her of being a cult member and a prostitute who sleeps with lecturers for marks.

She also claimed the staff member accused her of committing abortion, collected her phones, and went through her social media posts, and more.

The UNN staff member also allegedly made Chioma kneel on a paved floor from 10 am to 5 pm.
She claimed that Chioma, who is reportedly a member of the Rotaract club, was released after members of the club stormed the students’ affairs building to demand justice for her.
@faithieee__ wrote, “Read her messages, dragged her hair, broke her phone screen, scattered her hair and her bag pack, insulted her and told her she was a witch…. interrogated her on how she got money to buy an iPhone 7+.

“They put their hands inside her clothes and removed her waist beads, they took off her earrings, even her normal studs, tore her clothes, wanted to beat her up….that she’s a cultist, that she initiates people into cult….a full board member of rotary club @rotaract. 

“They took photos of her like a criminal. They told her to kneel and read the Bible. They were praying for her like she has a demon in her. They accused her of doing an abortion and having a child in school and when we went all ‘Jesus’, they wanted to slap her.

“They photocopied her ID card and threatened to rusticate and terminate her admission, they called her all sorts of names and stripped her of everything on her body…. checking her to know the type of underwear she wore. 

“They asked her how much was in her account. They asked her for her address and apartment number. They interrogated her about how she got the money to pay for her apartment. They threw away her food and drink that she bought to eat, saying she put something inside.

“Chioma begged for water as she had not eaten and had been kneeling on a cemented floor from 10 am till 5 pm begging….she was so weak and tired and this is examination period.

“They accused her of sleeping with lecturers for grades. They seized her phone, that Chioma is a lesbian. They made her cry for more than 5 hours. Chioma is light-skinned and she came back home red! They told her to kneel down and read the bible.

“They told her she was possessed and she was a Mami water. Omo, I’m just so pissed….how can you do this to a student all in the name of correction, love, and repentance? They took the contacts of her parents and friends..her matric number and they told her to come to see them every day, else her admission will be terminated.

“The audacity…non-academic staff!!!!….people that register hostels and give people mattress…and they call themselves student affairs… Like seriously!

“Chioma wore a black T-shirt and a yellow mini-skirt and tied her hair with durag…..and it is a federal university!”

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