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How to plan your gifts for others this Christmas

How to plan your gifts for others this Christmas

Have you ever thought of giving gifts but got confused on what you should be giving? That is probably because you want to make sure you are giving the right gift. And, by right gift, I mean one that would be appreciated by the receiver.

Gifts are always pleasant to both the giver and the receiver, especially when they come nicely wrapped. Usually, the excitement and curiosity the receiver exudes brings about some level of satisfaction to the giver.

However, there are requisites for giving gifts that can make an experience an unforgettable one for both the giver and the receiver.

When you are contemplating giving a gift, ask yourself why you are motivated to give in the first place. Is it as a kind gesture or to fill a need in the person’s life?

The answer to the question above guides you to knowing what kind of gift you should consider. If you are considering giving someone a gift simply as an act of kindness, then, anything useful from a nicely worded card, to a candle, or a DIY would be well appreciated, as the receiver probably was not expectant.

But, if you are giving out of necessity, for instance, in special occasions like birthdays, wedding ceremonies, house warming ceremonies, etc, then, you must consider that whatever is expected of you or simply put, whatever would be appreciated by the receiver would be something that is beneficial to them, and not about you.

Therefore, think beyond yourself!

Think about the receiver and what they really need. Think about what will take a little burden off their shoulders. You will know this by paying attention to them. To the things they wish they had or could do if they had the resources.

For instance, if a person wishes to start a restaurant business, kitchen utensils, and appliances should be regarded as utmost needs. Thus, buying them one of those utensils they are in dire need of for the sum of $50 would be more valuable than a perfume worth $500.

When you become a part of a solution, your contribution(s) will be more valued.

So, as you think about giving gifts in this yuletide season, think of gifts that are practical, hence, thoughtful. Like, the Americans say, it’s the thoughts that counts the most.

Keep it classy always.

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