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How to earn passive income with BitcoinBusiness — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

How to earn passive income with BitcoinBusiness — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News


Investing in a project or trading is the most common way to earn money using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But, this requires substantial time investment and research. However, it still doesn’t guarantee you a reliable income.

With this approach, even an experienced investor can make losses. That’s why many crypto investors are always looking for alternative income sources. And, there are several methods of investing in or trading Bitcoin that boost crypto holdings. With these methods, you can get ongoing income the way you receive interest from other investments. However, you must be ready to put more effort into maintaining the asset.

Currently, most people are using platforms like bitcoin circuit to buy and sell this cryptocurrency for profit. This particular platform helps improve your trading skills gradually to help you maximize your earnings. But if you want to earn a passive income with Bitcoin, you should try these methods.

Bitcoin mining entails the use of computing power in securing a network and receive coins as your reward. With this approach, you don’t need cryptocurrency holdings. However, mining is the oldest and most popular method you can use to earn passive income with Bitcoin.

Initially, people could mine Bitcoin using home computers. However, most miners have shifted to more powerful computers due to the increased network hash rate. What’s more, people are now using Application-Specific Integrated Circuits that provides custom mining chips.

Essentially, Bitcoin mining is getting more complicated by the day. Today, it is more of a corporate venture than something an individual can do to earn passive income. Besides the high expenses for setting up the mining equipment, its maintenance requires technical expertise. And this makes mining difficult for some individuals that want to earn passive income through Bitcoin mining.

Compared to Bitcoin mining, staking is less resource-intensive. It involves keeping money in a digital wallet and completing network tasks like validating transactions. In return, a person gets staking rewards. In this case, a stake means token holding, and it incentivizes the network’s security maintenance through ownership.

A staking network employs Proof of Stake as the consensus algorithm. There are also other versions like Leased Proof of Stake or Delegated Proof of Stake.

Staking entails setting up your staking wallet and holding some coins. It can also involve delegating or adding funds to the staking pool. In some cases, Bitcoin exchange does this. As such, you only have to keep tokens on a Bitcoin exchange that takes care of all technical requirements.

If looking for a method that lets you earn completely passive income from Bitcoin, lending is the best option for you. With this option, you make interest from loaning other people your digital money. Several platforms allow people to lock up Bitcoins for a specific period and collect their funds with interest payments.

Some of these platforms offer fixed interest rates. In some cases, market rates dictate the interest users get for their funds. And this is an ideal method of earning passive income from Bitcoin if you’re a long-term holder.

Lending borrowers is an excellent way to boost your Bitcoin holding within a specific period. And, this approach is almost effortless and better than locking your funds in a digital wallet.

Nevertheless, exercise caution when lending money to avoid scams. Use a reliable platform to lend others Bitcoin without the risk of losing it.

The Bottom Line
You can make passive income using Bitcoin in different ways. However, be cautious to avoid losing your Bitcoin trying to make passive income. Essentially, use reliable platforms to store or transfer your Bitcoins.

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