Home Entertainment How I combine schooling, music career – 6-year-old Nigerian DJ

How I combine schooling, music career – 6-year-old Nigerian DJ

How I combine schooling, music career – 6-year-old Nigerian DJ

Eze Chikamso aka DJ Irish is a 6-year-old Nigerian DJ who is trending on social media.

Dubbed Nigeria’s youngest DJ, she released her first Afrobeat mixtape titled, ‘Party Vibes’ in June to the delight of her fans.

She has also performed at several events in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. In this interview with PREMIUM TIMES, DJ Irish and her dad, who also doubles as her manager, speak about how her music career, education, and future aspirations.

PREMIUM TIMES: How did you learn to deejay?

DJ IRISH: I learned to be a DJ for over a year now. DJ Biggy taught me how to mix music. He is a very good DJ but he is very fat. I started playing professionally late last year. I have a special kind of love for music and the ability to mix and spice up your party delights me. I have been playing music for a year now. I have played in so many places and so many events. I have also travelled to many states in Nigeria to play music. And the reception I get is highly amazing.

PT: What inspires you?

DJ IRISH: I love music as I said. I love to play music. Since I was a baby, I have loved listening to music. I also like it when the music is very good and I like to try my hands on new things.

What inspired me most is watching DJs play music on my birthdays. My parents usually celebrate my siblings’ and my birthdays every year and there is always a DJ to play music for us. I like the way the DJs play and that really inspired me. Watching DJ Cuppy, DJ Nana and other DJs inspire me too.

PT: What were your parents’ reaction to this?

DJ IRISH: My parents are fully in support of me being a DJ. In fact, my parents are my biggest fans. They have supported me from the start and I appreciate them for that.

PT: Do you go to school? How does this affect schooling?

DJ IRISH: Yes, I go to school. I go to school but going to school and being a DJ isn’t easy. However, I’m still the best in my class and I have five awards from school. They are fort Arts, Science and Spelling Bee. No matter how hard, I like to be the best in what I do. I hope to be the best DJ out there very soon.

PT: Do you plan to be a DJ in the future or you have other ambitions?

DJ IRISH: Yes. I still want to be a DJ in the future and I also want to be a medical doctor. Those are the two dreams I have. I want to complete my education, study medicine in the university, and become a medical doctor while I also DJ on the side.

PT: How much does this pay for you?

DJ IRISH: Not a lot for now but it is paying enough to take care of myself and my team.

DJ Irish

PT: What are some of the challenges you face?

DJ IRISH: Because I really enjoy what I do, it is not really challenging. The only thing I can call a challenge right now is combining the DJ work with my education. I try to balance both of them so that one won’t suffer because they are both important to me.

Another thing is that sometimes when I mount the stage, my hands will not reach my set because of my height so I will have to climb something before I perform.

PT: Where was the biggest stage you ever played at?

DJ IRISH: I have played in so many shows I can say which one is the biggest. I have been to show in Lagos, Asaba, in Awka, etc. I can’t really say which one is the biggest but they are all super shows.

DJ Irish

PT: What do you think about DJs in Nigeria? Do you see yourself being one of them in the future?

DJ IRISH: I think Nigerian DJs are doing great and I am glad to be called one. I see myself been an amazing DJ in the future. Being a DJ is what I want and by His grace, I will be a DJ as I grow older and one of the biggest DJs in the future. I look up to become like DJ Cuppy and DJ Nana.

PT: Do you sing or consider being a singer in the future?

DJ IRISH: I like music so much and tomorrow if I start singing, I would be happy. All I do now is DJ but I don’t know what the future holds. I like female singers like Tiwa, Simi, Yemi Alade and so on. They are all doing great.

PT: Do you think live bands are taking over from DJs at Nigerian events now?

DJ IRISH: I don’t think so. I think both have different ratings, depending on the event.

PT: Was your mixtape well received?

DJ IRISH: My mixtape is amazing and the reception has been awesome too. I hope you have downloaded it. If you have not then you are missing something. Is available in all music platform worldwide. Thanks to my fans who have downloaded it. Go and download your own and enjoy good music

PT: What do you think about Nigerian parents allowing their kids to make life decisions?

DJ IRISH: Nigerian parents should support their children in any field where they believe they are good at and can do well at. You don’t need to force your children to be lawyers while all the want is to be a dancer.

Parents should support us because we are the leaders of tomorrow. All parents should look out for the talents of their children. Everyone has his or her unique talent.

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