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How Bitcoin is transforming business | The Guardian Nigeria News

How Bitcoin is transforming business | The Guardian Nigeria News

Some people are yet to warm up to the cryptocurrency idea. However, early adopters are already using virtual currencies like Bitcoin for daily transactions.

In particular, Bitcoin went through price surges over recent years. In 2020, this virtual currency hit the highest price mark, drawing more attention from the mainstream media. Since its value has grown exponentially since its inception, many people have invested in Bitcoin heavily.

In addition to the rising value, the technology behind Bitcoin is also a motivation for investing in it. Some people believe that blockchain has several applications in different sectors. Large corporations and entrepreneurs are inventing ways to overhaul and improve their processes with Bitcoin. Since blockchain is the technology powering Bitcoin, many people are optimistic about this virtual currency. But how will this digital currency transform business? Here are the possible changes that Bitcoin is likely to bring to the business world.

Enhancing Security
Most people worry about cyber attacks and online fraud when doing business online. Regardless of your company size, you’re at the risk of cyberattacks when doing business. Using Bitcoin reduces this risk because blockchain is relatively more secure than conventional payment systems.

The Bitcoin network stores data in blockchain where nobody can manipulate or tamper with it. What’s more, the system is decentralized, meaning users can access transaction details at any time. Ideally, the information in the blockchain is not in a single data store or server. Thus, users can’t lose all the information if a hacker infiltrates the system.

The only way for a hacker to interfere with the information in the blockchain is if they bring down the entire Bitcoin network simultaneously. That’s because if they infiltrate one computer, the others continue to record and verify information on the Bitcoin network. And this is beneficial to businesses for purposes of confirming transactions.

Improving Payment Processes
Handling payrolls for large remote teams is time-consuming and tedious when using traditional payment systems. That’s because the process involves converting the local currency into the fiat money of different international currencies. What’s more, traditional payment systems have hefty fees because they include intermediaries.

However, businesses can avoid this by paying remote employees with Bitcoin. This virtual currency makes cross-border transactions almost instant. Additionally, Bitcoin transaction fees are meager compared to traditional payments. That’s because this virtual currency doesn’t involve intermediaries like banks and other financial service providers.

Additionally, Bitcoin transactions are publicly available to the users. That means every party can confirm transaction details immediately. Thus, this digital currency can save businesses and employees’ time and long waits for transaction confirmations.

Institutional Adoption
Today, companies like PayPal and Microsoft accept Bitcoin. The Official Australian bitcoin evolution has prompted many people to start purchasing and selling Bitcoin. Also called crypto exchanges, these platforms allow individuals and businesses to buy and sell Bitcoin. Ideally, you can use fiat money to buy bitcoins. Thus, you don’t have to invest in the mining process to acquire Bitcoin.

With large companies accepting and investing in Bitcoin, its popularity and adoption will most likely keep growing. And more businesses will follow suit, leading to more practical Bitcoin use among companies. Consequently, more companies will enjoy the benefits of this virtual currency, including more efficient cross-border transactions, chargeback avoidance, and low fees.

Final Thoughts
Bitcoin is likely to impact businesses in different ways. Since it’s a new currency, some companies are experimenting with it. However, some have already invested significant amounts of money in this digital currency. And the impacts are becoming apparent as more people rush to purchase Bitcoin on crypto exchanges on realizing that giants like Microsoft and PayPal are investing in it. Nevertheless, how the future of this digital currency unfolds is a matter of wait-and-see.

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