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Ghana Urged to Invest in Companies Listed On Stock Exchange

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The Managing Director of the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), Mr Ekow Afedzie has called on Ghanaians to invest in companies listed on the exchange.

He said the only way for the economy to develop was for Ghanaians to invest in risk assets such as equities than treasury bills.

Speaking at the launch of the 30th anniversary celebration of the GSE in Accra yesterday, Mr Afedzie for example said the returns on equities were better than treasury bills, if the equities performed well.

The 30th anniversary of the GSE established in 1989 is on the theme “30 Years of Ghana Stock Exchange and National Development.”

He said some Ghanaians were risk averse and were interested in treasury bills instead of buying equities.

Mr Afedzie entreated pension fund companies to participate actively on the activities of the stock exchange.

He said so far the GSE had helped provide a market for the raising of long term capital, saying so far the market had raised more than GH¢5.41 million for expansion to meet the capital requirements of companies and improve their technology.

“The market capitalisation improved from GH¢3.05 million in 1990 to GH¢53, 11.38 million as of October 31, 2020,” he said.

Mr Afedzie said domestic market capitalisation as of October 31, 2020 stood at GH¢19, 296.94 million and the total volume of shares traded from November 1990 to October 2020 was 8,651,971 and valued at GH¢4, 638.89 million.

“Value traded on the Ghana Fixed Income Market has increased from GH¢5.2 billion in 2015 to GH¢85, 00.52 million at the end of October 2020,” he said.