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Ghana: Support Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to Produce Covid-19 Vaccines Locally

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It is worthy of note that any significant occurrence in the life of an individual, a community, a nation or across the globe must cause a new direction of thinking.

Such thinking must be one which addresses the challenges that might have arisen as a result of the occurrence of the situation or situations. Such is the situation with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The disease has brought in its trail challenges that must be tackled in various ways and at the top of the list is a remedy to conquer it.

Happily, the remedy now is a vaccine, which is said to be 95 per cent potent to fight the disease.

Currently, there are the University of Oxford/AstraZeneca and NovavaxCOVID-19 vaccines available.

This means that nations which love to protect their citizens have to procure these from their sources at a huge cost to their national kitty.

Most of the time, vaccines are produced by the metropolitan nations with a few middle-income nations outside Africa like India, Argentina and Mexico who are said to have sufficient capacity to produce vaccines.

In Africa, it is said that only South Africa, a “developed” country in Africa, produces vaccines.

Our information is that generally, large scale vaccines production are done by private companies which sell them under contract or producers in, some cases, make provisions for access in particular markets.

If these arrangements are meant for securing funding or to allow production to take place in particular countries as is claimed, then definitely, such countries, the Ghanaian Times believes, would be where the vaccine-producing companies hope to optimise profitability.