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“Game of Numbers” | The Guardian Nigeria News

"Game of Numbers" | The Guardian Nigeria News

7 Apr

Let me begin this piece with the obvious. These are trying times for our country. Tensions are rising and heating up the polity. Transitional general elections such as the current general elections usually throw up new challenges that a country…

7 Apr

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, yesterday, described the just-concluded general elections as a “sickening show of shame,” saying that efforts should be made by patriotic Nigerians to not only correct it but prevent reoccurrence.

7 Apr

Rivers United Football Club are likely to play the rest of their CAF Confederation Cup matches at the Adokie Aimiesiamaka Stadium, Port Harcourt, after spending the early part of the campaign at the Godswill Akpabio Stadium, Uyo.

7 Apr

Download logoThe Portfolio Committee on Communication and Digital Technologies has welcomed its Subcommittee report about the independent legal opinion on the President’s request for more information on names submitted to him for appointment to the Board of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Accepting the Senior Council’s independent legal opinion, the committee has resolved to…

8 Apr

New reports have shown that global number of maternal deaths fell from around 446, 000 in 2000 to around 287,000 in 2020, which represents a 36 per cent decrease. However, in Nigeria, it is estimated that eight million children are born every year with seven million pregnant women at any moment, with the country’s poor state of healthcare.

By George Asamani

8 Apr

Higher or tertiary education, like all sectors, is fair game for disruption. We saw a glimpse in the pandemic, where classes were held online, and courseware unbundled from college staples like libraries and cafeterias was delivered directly to devices.

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