Home Business Ethiopia: German, Turkish Firms Win Scrimmage for Wheat Contract

Ethiopia: German, Turkish Firms Win Scrimmage for Wheat Contract

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Two overseas firms have secured contracts to supply 600,000tn of wheat for a total of 159.3 million dollars inclusive of freight cost. The procurement is aimed at market stabilisation and for use in emergency responses.

Rosentreter Global Food Trading, a German firm, has been contracted to supply 400,000tn of wheat for 75.7 million dollars that will be used for market stabilisation. The Turkish firm Martina Mertens Sample was also hired to import 200,000tn of wheat for emergency assistance for 51.2 million dollars.

For the bid Rosentreter Global won, the Public Property Procurement & Disposal Service floated a bid under four lots in September 2020 on behalf of the Ethiopian Trading Business Corporation. The Service opened for bidding a week later, and 42 suppliers bought the bid document, but only six of them returned the bid documents.

Huyton Inc. Group from Liberia, Aston FFI SA from Switzerland, Promising International Trading Co. from Dubai, Grain Export SA from Switzerland, Aplas Importer from Ethiopia, and Rosentreter Global Food Trading took part in the bid. Rosentreter Global and Aplas bid for all lots, while Promising and the two Swiss suppliers each offered prices for only one lot. Huyton participated in two lots.

Rosentreter Global won all the lots for a total of 75.7 million dollars. It will ship the wheat from the Port of Novorossiysk, Russia to the port of Djibouti via the Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise for 54 dollars a tonne. The contract is freight on board (FOB) plus credit financing.