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Ethiopia: ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ Milestone to Ethiopia’s Tourism Industry – Expert

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ADDIS ABABA- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s (PhD) greenery initiative, ‘Dine for Ethiopia’, would play a crucial role in attracting the construction of star-designated hotels, lodges and resorts across the three tourist attraction sites thereby advancing the economy, according to expert in the field.

Office of the Prime Minister announced that the Dine for Ethiopia initiative is exceeding the target of raising three billion Birr and it has currently mobilized 4.2 billion Birr.

Speaking to The Ethiopian Herald, OZZIE Business and Hospitality Consultancy CEO, Kumneger Teketel said that the ongoing projects in Gorgora, Wonchi and Koysha in Amhara, Oromia and SNNP states would have a paramount importance to ensure more tourism investment and community benefits.

Noting the absence of major tourism projects during the past three decades, Kumneger indicated that the new initiative enables tourist to pay visits to historical and natural tourist attraction sites. Private investors will follow the initiative to carry out government’s massive investments in the area.

The pre-reform period was characterized by negligence to the tourism sector and there was no tourist destination project in the area in the reported period.

Addressing the demand for infrastructure should be government’s priority in order to enable the private investors follow its suit in carrying out massive tourism, projects, he remarked.

Meanwhile, Premier Abiy commenced the Halala Kela cluster section of the Koysha tourist destination project in Daworo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s State over the weekend. The Halala Kela cluster that constitutes the larger Koysha project is designed to productively capitalize on the natural endowments of the area.

The Konta Special Woreda possesses many potentials that have not been utilized for ages and the greenery project would play instrumental role in this regard.

Accompanied by First Lady Zinash Tayachew and Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen, Abiy also laid the cornerstone for the Konta Field Hospital. The hospital, which is expected to be completed in a short time frame is also a component of the ‘Dine For Ethiopia’ initiative, it was learnt.

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