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Ehingbeti 2021 Lagos Economic Summit

Ehingbeti 2021 Lagos Economic Summit

Chief Diana Chen, Chairman of the Choice International Group attended the Ehingbeti 2021 Lagos Economic Summit as a Honourable Guest Speaker on the 1st Day of the Event.

The Lagos Economic Summit, also known as Ehingbeti, was created as a platform where members of the private and public sectors in Lagos meet for discussions that drive socio-economic and infrastructure development in the State. In addition, Ehingbeti aims to generate and implement ideas and innovations that will drive economic growth and development in the State.

It started as an annual event in the year 2000 and later evolved into a bi-annual conference. The last edition of the summit was held in 2014 and at an elaborate ceremony on Sunday 27th of September 2020, the Lagos State Government announced the next edition of the summit.

The session that was broadcasted live on various International Media Channels drew attention from Various World Leaders as well as Leading Worldwide CEO’s that had the Chance to comment and greet via their Online Platform.

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari attended the event while addressing all Business Leaders of the Country. As well the WTO | Director-General: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was part of the Honorable Guest attendees for this prestigious and important event.

Chief Diana Chen was sharing the stage with, Senator, Ben Muray Bruce, Founder of Silverbird Group, Oscar Onyema, CEO of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Preston Udeh, CEO Stears Business, Helen Grant, UK Trade to Nigeria MBE and Dr. Shola Adedotun, CEO/MD First Bank Plc. who was on stage via Online presence.

The Subject for this preliminary discussion was “Destination Lagos: Becoming the World’s Best Investment Destination!”

Chief Diana Chen elaborated on the Panel Subject of “What Destination Lagos State has to do to drive higher production of locally produced or assembled cars and what they should have ready in place attract innovation in that industry.”

 Chief Diana Chen eloquently as usual answered this question with an Insight of the Nigerian Motor Industry.

Chief strongly commented on the number of used cars allowed to enter Lagos and Nigeria the 5th Largest International Business City. There is something fundamentally wrong she said further. These vehicles are blocking a healthy Business Cycle as their Import marks the END of the Trading Cycle.

The Chairman of Choice International Group further elaborated that not only Lagos state by itself but also the Federal Nigerian Government needs to focus on the Subject of Local Car Manufacturing in order to drive change in the Industry and allow the country and its people to enjoy the fruits of employment creation of this industry and to allow the Trading Cycle from New to used car and beyond to happen in the country which will ultimately create jobs and support the social growth and close the existing social gap.

Further she said Innovation is already in our hands we just need to use it in form of the available LNG/CNG technology in public transportation segment in Nigeria which will also contribute to a healthier and environmentally friendly Lagos State and beyond, since the country is full of natural resources that would cater for this driving energy.

In an Emotional Closing Remark, Chief Diana Chen stressed the point that only with the right Basic Education the fundamental issue of the Society can be tackled and resolved. Basic education is everything in order to develop this City and to develop the people of this country for a better future for everyone.

The Panel agreed strongly with Chief Diana Chen who is striving for innovation and a better Nigeria since she established her Company “Choice International Group” out of China in Nigeria back in 2014.

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