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Earthquake death toll rises to 79 in Turkey

Earthquake death toll rises to 79 in Turkey

The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) on Monday said at least 79 people were killed and 962 others were wounded in a strong earthquake that hit Turkey’s western province of Izmir.

In a statement, the AFAD noted that rescue operations are still ongoing in the debris of eight collapsed buildings across the province.

CNN Turk announced at a live broadcast where Elif Perincek, a 3-year-old girl was rescued from under the debris 65 hours after the earthquake early in the morning.

The Istanbul Municipality Fire Brigade Deputy Manager, Ahmet Yavuz, who is leading the rescue works there, told the broadcaster that the teams were struggling to save Elif for the last three days by exerting great efforts around the clock.

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“We have noticed Elif in a tiny space of life with open eyes. While we were pulling her out, she managed to squeeze the finger of one of my colleagues. I hope she will make it,’’ Yavuz said.

According to press reports, so far, a total of 106 people were retrieved from the rubbles of the collapsed buildings.

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake hit the Aegean Sea off the Seferihisar district of Izmir on Friday.

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