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Drowned by the swamp? Not yet

Drowned by the swamp? Not yet

By Ochereome Nnanna

Let me give you my perspective on what is going on in the United States of America. What you see is not just a presidential contest between the incumbent Republican Donald Trump and his challenger, the Democrats’ Joe Biden.

It is a historic struggle between nationalist orthodoxy and the globalist left. This election has often been described as the most important in America’s modern history.

We will examine the topic from three platforms: the ideology, the contest and what next.

America is the father of globalism. It expired the former Soviet Union by 1989 and became the sole superpower.

As the wellspring of the computer and information technology revolution, America has led the world as a global village since the early 1990’s when President Bill Clinton toppled the old guard, George H. W. Bush, at the 1992 polls. Since then, the Democratic Party has gradually moved from centre-left toward globalist socialism.

The Republican Party increasingly lost touch with the masses, with many of its leaders becoming mere apologetic centrists seeking to survive by being politically-correct.

Under this atmosphere, the old American political and social cultures have attenuated. America’s greatness was anchored on a core tradition of being a nation “under God” from the Christian perspective.

Religious freedom was central. Unlike Europe that built their modern prosperities mostly from colonialism, America grew its greatness from self-sufficiency.

A typical American does not care about what is happening outside America because his country offers him more than enough to be happy.

Globalisation with its many multilateral commitments tended to emphasise “human rights “(including gay rights), subsume the position of religion (or God) and ride rough-shod on American values. It led to policies that encouraged massive immigration from all over the world and shipped American jobs to China through unbridled outsourcing.

China has capitalised on all these and put itself on the verge of toppling America’s economic and military dominance. America’s big manufacturers prefer to produce in China and stuff their pockets, not minding the growing unemployment and infrastructural dilapidation back home.

Enter Donald Trump, a swashbuckling real estate and showbiz billionaire. A newcomer into politics (he boasts he is not politician), Trump’s mission is to snatch the United States back from the brink of globalist disaster which chiefly favours China.

Trump believes that the political class which has controlled Washington for over forty years has become corrupt.

They don’t care about the country and the American people. They are in government to make money. He captured his solution to the rot systemic with two biting mantras: #Drain The Swamp, and #Make America Great Again. Drain the swamp means expose the corruption in the system and those behind it.

Make America great again means bring back outsourced manufacturing to America and create jobs. Say no to unnecessary wars abroad which drain so much from the American economy. Pull out of, oppose or renegotiate any multilateral agreement that does favour America’s interests. Resume unflinching support for Israel; in short, put America first.

The globalist leftists fronted by the Democratic Party and supported by big tech (Facebook, Twitter and their subsidiaries), manufacturing giants (Apple, Microsoft and the rest), along with the mainstream media, especially the television networks (which Trump calls “fake news media) feel threatened by Trump’s “America First” policies.

In this election, they combined their weights to ensure Trump never got elected for a second term. The feeling among them is that anything done to do away with this dangerous political “gate-crasher” is good enough. The globalists have never given Trump a chance. They see him as a presidential “misfit” and he sees them as “crooks”. Since his shock emergence in 2016 they’ve fought him every inch of the way, and he’s fought right back. He went straight to the grassroots and held rallies even outside the election time and used Twitter to counter his media enemies.

On the other hand, Joe Biden did not do much campaign work. A video of him boasting that he had “the most extensive voter fraud network ever in the history of American politics”, was debunked by the mainstream media as having been “deceptively edited”. It could have been a Freudian slip from a candidate who, in his gaffe-filled campaign, had also introduced himself as “a proud candidate for the senate”.

While Trump addressed mammoth crowds, Biden settled for drive-in encounters with select delegates, apparently due to the coronavirus pandemic. Because of this differential in approach, it was not easy to know the extent of Biden’s crowd appeal.

The election itself took off normally on November 3. Usually, the results are known by midnight in America or early next day here in Nigeria. But, by around 4.00 a.m Nigerian time on November 4, and with the battleground states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin left to be tabulated, the counting was suddenly stopped, apparently to wait for the controversial mail-in ballots to arrive. The American constitution gives states the power to decide how they conduct their elections. Mail-in ballots are allowed in several states.

The use of the controversial mail-in ballots to neutralise Trump’s early lead opened the door to suspicions of massive fraud, more so as Republican poll monitors were not allowed to inspect them. With the result of the election giving Biden a comfortable lead in Electoral Votes and popular ballots, the mainstream media happily jumped to project victory to him. But the saga is far from over. The fraud was real and massive. The courts will look into them.

The real winner might emerge on December 14 when the states certify their ballots, or it may linger beyond that. This is a hung election, for now. Al Gore was also a “president-elect” for over a month until George W. Bush finally emerged in 2000. It is only when Biden is certified that we can validly conclude that Trump has drowned in the swamp.

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