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Does he love both of us? –

Does he love both of us? -

Dear Bunmi,

My best friend is getting married soon. What she doesn’t know is that her fiancé and I are lovers.

I was quite put off when he proposed to her. But he said she was pregnant; that if I’d gotten pregnant first, he would have married me.

We still have sex because he says he still loves me. Now, he talks about their wedding plans, and I’m dying inside.

Angela, by e-mail.

Dear Angela,

It is a known fact that quite a number of men have flings with the best friends of their brides-to-be. It has to do with proximity – while courting his fiancé, both of you were available for the taking.

Now, he’s made his choice and it is up to you again. Your feelings for each other notwithstanding, he has made his choice and you’ll have to be involved with their marriage plans.

Sad as your situation is, it is better to nurse yourself through a broken heart than settle for second best, which would be agreeing to be his mistress!

It’s obvious your so-called best friend doesn’t know what is going on between you two, so stop before you lose her friendship too!

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