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ASUU: Students lament as strike lingers

ASUU calls for better welfare package for journalists

The ongoing strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) ASUU has led to a general outcry from Nigerian students.

ASUU has been on strike since March, demanding more funding for universities and also fighting the implementation of the IPPIS.

However, the government and the union have failed to reach an argument. Minister for Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige had earlier disclosed that the federal government was unable to concede to ASUU’s request of N110 billion revitalization funds due to COVID-19.

He noted that the FG is instead willing to release N30 billion but ASUU proposed to take the entire N30 billion for lecturers, ignoring the needs of other unions in the Universities.

The inability of the government and ASUU to come to an agreement has continued to hinder students from returning to their respective institutions as they are on the receiving end.

So far, there has been little progress made after several meetings held between ASUU and the federal government.

Some students took to Twitter, lamenting about the disruption in academic activities, house rents and so on.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter…

@AammrAdamu,”As a university student and a final year student for that matter no one can fathom the amount of pain that this strike action inflicted upon me,I just do hope it ends as soon as possible.”

@Ajayi Elijah “Firstly, we didn’t benefit from the government nor ASUU.If ASUU collect the money, does it mean we are not going to pay for house rent or school fees.FG doesn’t care for us likewise ASUU, you guys are playing politics with us(Students).”

@Biobiodun “It’s been 237 days since ASUU began its strike. A whole year is already wasted.There’s no view of the strike being resolved. All we keep getting are empty promises, romance meetings, meet & greet, back & forth tug of words. No side is willing to concede all at the expenses of the future of Nigerian students. By the time students start revolting and agitating, they will start saying insensible and meaningless statements.”

@Oluwaseun, “I just woke up and about to grind pepper again. Clinical skills going down the drain. FG and ASUU which way now?

@Umar_abasir, “ASUU on the right path FG is just playing with our future, I feel like I am not a student anymore spending almost one year at home Is not easy though, if school finally reopen you can’t differentiate between returning and fresh students.”

@Abu_Abdulrahman “As a student, I’m very sad, disgusted, dejected and uncertain about how long it will take. I was counting 5-6 months to graduate before Corona induced a break that strike consequently followed.”

@Luster_mc “Just for the sake of Nigerian students and the future of our beloved country,the Federal government and the Academic staff union of universities (ASUU) should find a way and put an end to this four months old.”

@GbolahanOladime “Why not ask for 100% autonomy. Generate your fund, Finance your expenditure while the government only gives annual subvention at its will, then you can determine how you are paid. It is the students that are suffering this prolonged strike because at the end of the show, you get full salary.”

@Abubakar Agig “As a university student and a Final year physiotherapy student! I feel pain, and hatred, not an ordinary losing a limb type of pain, No. Cutting your ears one after the other, gouging your eyes out, ripping your heart out and amputating your 4 limbs kind of pain. Just #EndASuustrike.”

@KingsleyMutana “@ASUU why did you people not fight with FG since March you all kept quiet for 7 months till now when people are supposed to resume and work out their lives .Why are you all so heartless? Why don’t you just allow us write this exam? Soon the rate of students going to university will reduce.”

@Pearldinny “You all should do justice to us the students and call off this strike abeg, I can’t even spell my name correctly not to talk of what I’m studying.”

@Babatunde_901 “This your struggle with the government is getting annoying. Let the students resume, find a common ground with your boss please.”

@Fatibash1 “My ID will expire in December and if by then you don’t resume I will forget about the University degree. Continue with my business In Sha Allah.”

@ImaobongUmoh7 “ASUU you better stick to get all what you demand from the Government, it shouldn’t be on promissory note any more. I’m tired of intermittent strikes. If the federal Government can’t take care of the people raising the next generation leaders what’s the hope for the next generation ?

@Margaret “At this point I don’t even know who to support ASUU had been on strikes in the past, yet I haven’t even seen results from previous settlements while the government is more interested in other things than the education of its youths who voted them into power.”

@Abubakar “Both ASUU and the federal government are playing with our senses. Because they don’t care about us they will do anything for their own benefit.”

@HeadGheng “Like this now my house rent is wasting and my landlord will not even reason with me that’s my problem.”

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