Home SportsFootball Arsenal America cautions Gunners to stay away from ‘greed-driven’ league | The Guardian Nigeria News

Arsenal America cautions Gunners to stay away from ‘greed-driven’ league | The Guardian Nigeria News

Arsenal America cautions Gunners to stay away from ‘greed-driven’ league | The Guardian Nigeria News

While Manchester City and Chelsea are said to be reconsidering their stance on the European Super League, Arsenal America has asked the managers of the London-based club to stay away from the proposed competition.

Arsenal America is a group comprising Gunners’ supporters in North America.

In a message on Monday to Arsenal board entitled, ‘Re-proposed European Super League,’ the group said joining the European Super League is akin to rubbishing everything the founding fathers of the club built over the years.

It said: “In Arsene Wenger’s farewell, he said to take care of the values of the club. He directed these words to all of us.

“To the owners and directors of the club, who are entrusted with the custodianship of a 134-year-old institution. To the staff and players, who represent the club on and off the pitch. And to the supporters who are the beating heart and lifeblood of Arsenal.

“Football exists atop ideals of competitive fairness and respect for your opponents and the game itself. There’s little concrete information on the proposed Super League, but what is clear is that nit abandons those ideals.”

Arsenal America argued that they have an up close and personal insight to the dangers of closed league systems, adding, “We have one in this country- one driven by commercials interests and rather than by sporting priorities.”

The group described the European Super League as “a bread and circuses league, astroturfed into existence at the expense of the sport rather than earned from the glories of the game itself, may have immediate backing of billions of dollars but is borne on the backs of the people you must need- the supporters themselves.”

They called on Arsenal directors to listen to the supporters and take the club away from the proposed league, reminding them, “Our club’s values have earned us 10 first division titles, three Premier League titles, three League Cups, a UEFA Cup Winners Cup, and Inter-City Fairs Cup each, and a record 14 FA Cups.

“They are the values that anchored an undefeated season. They are the values instilled by Herbert Chapman and David Danskin, and of which Arsene Wenger spoke. A Super League goes against all those values.”

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