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All You Need To Know Before Getting Your First Brazillian Wax | The Guardian Nigeria News

All You Need To Know Before Getting Your First Brazillian Wax | The Guardian Nigeria News

All You Need To Know Before Getting Your First Brazillian Wax

Are you thinking of booking your first Brazillian wax session but looking for tips on what to expect? You have come to the right place.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know before your first wax session, from prepping to post-wax treatment.

Grooming remains an essential part of skincare, but there’s also no shame in choosing to go natural. While shaving at home might be a faster, more convenient way for many people to groom, Brazilian wax remains the least bump-inducing way to smooth things out below the waist.

So, here’s everything you need to know before getting a Brazillian wax:

What Is A Brazilian Wax?
Brazilian wax is a detailed form of pubic hair grooming. A Brazilian wax removes all hair from your bikini area, leaving a smooth patch of skin.

Shaving may cause dark and coarse hair regrowth and other skin irritation and discomfort, such as razor burns and ingrown hairs.

Waxing, on the other hand, allows hair to grow slower and finer, leaving longer results.

Compared to shaving, where you might cut yourself, waxing is a safe method of hair removal. However, if you have some doubts or skin conditions, be sure to consult your doctor before booking your first wax session.
The ideal length

The next step is to know the ideal length of hair for a Brazilian wax. Experts recommend the ideal hair for a Brazilian wax to be about ¼ inch or 6mm. For longer hairs, an expert waxer would be sure to trim your hair before your wax.

While prepping, if you groom your hair by shaving, avoid shaving three weeks before your appointment to prevent your pubic hair from being too short.

Tips For Getting Ready for Your Brazilian Wax
Now that you know what to expect from a Brazilian wax, here are a few tips to make the process less painful:

● Schedule an Appointment Before or After Your Time of the Month:
Now waxing is not exactly painless, but you can make the process less painful. A great tip to do so is to avoid scheduling your appointment three days before and just immediately after your period. This is because your skin tends to be extra sensitive, and waxing at this time would cause you even more pain. You shouldn’t also schedule your session during your period because it would also leave a mess.

● Know What Type of Wax Shape You Want
You should know what type of wax shape you want beforehand. You can choose:
● A regular bikini wax is a standard wax that only removes pubic hair off the sides of your bikini line
● A Brazilian bikini wax removes all or nearly all of the hair from front to back
● A full bikini wax removes all hair from the vulva and back but keeps a triangle in front.

● Wear Comfortable Clothing:
Remember that post-wax, your skin may be red and irritated. To prepare for this, be sure to wear comfortable, loose clothing to your appointment. You should also avoid exercising or wearing tight-fitting clothes to prevent friction and irritation in the waxed area. You should be fine by the next day.

● Mentally Prepare for Exposure
During your wax appointment, you’ll be exposed, and while this might cause some discomfort the first time, don’t worry; you’ll get used to it. Note that you’ll likely be completely naked below the waist, and it may also involve some adjusting. To make you feel comfortable, remember your waxer has done these hundreds of times, and they‘ve seen it all.

● Brace Yourself for The Pain
Depending on your pain threshold, your Brazilian wax might be really painful or not so painful. There’s nothing to be scared about, though; you can lessen the pain of a Brazilian wax by taking Ibruprofen an hour before your wax take the edge off. Another tip is to use a numbing anaesthetic spray to make you feel better.

● Take A Shower and Exfoliate Before Hand
Try exfoliating a day before your wax appointment. Then take a shower just before as soft hairs are easier to remove. Just apply an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream with aloe, and you should be good to go.

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