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All You Need To Know About Eyelash SerumsGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

All You Need To Know About Eyelash SerumsGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

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Gone are the days when turning up with eyelash extensions was fashionable, despite the likelihood of rightfully being described as extra or outlandish. Certainly, a lot of people could have done better back then. These days, they are doing much better and a lot can be attributed to the rising popularity and use of eyelash serums.

Eyelash serums (or lash serums) are silky, lightweight liquid products which augment the length and thickness of eyelashes. They perfectly tie into the need of so many people who may not be satisfied with the limits of their natural eyelashes. They are easy to apply on one’s eyelids and are often accompanied by applicator brushes and bespoke instructions.

Due to their popularity, lash-enhancing serums are not hard to find. This makes it easier for users seeking an option safer than eyelash extensions, as these extensions are more likely to cause puffiness and inflammation as a result of the glue required to hold the eyelashes in position.

Benefits of Eyelash Serums
Probably the most desired benefit, eyelash serums enhance the growth of healthy, longer lashes. They spur the growth of new eyelashes by extending the anagen phase of natural eyelash growth.

Eyelash serums typically contain various kinds of vitamins, which strengthen eyelashes and even eyebrow hairs. These vitamins also replenish nutrients to aid eyelash growth and course-correct any lingering damage caused by previously used formulas. Thanks to certain ingredients, eyelash serums can as well be relied upon to make your eyelashes darker and even counter prematurely greying eyelashes.

If you ever use eyelash serums while dealing with dry eyelashes, a positive side effect of using this serum is the moisturization of such eyes—the serum soothes lash follicles.

Eyelash serums are reputed to yield positive results in the short term. By implication, you can get your hopes a little high and expect a change between four to six weeks of use.

How To Use Eyelash Serums
As a first-time user of any eyelash serum, you may experience slight discomfort. Not to worry, this gets better with time, as you begin to use it more often.

For maximum effect, eyelash serums should be applied in the morning and at night. Following this routine daily would aid the serum in supplying hair follicles with the requisite ingredients for the growth of eyelashes.

Before applying eyelash serums, you must wash your face and your eyelash area, as an eyelash serum applied on an unclean eyelash area may block the eyelash follicle and result in an infection or irritation. After washing, you should dry your face and eyelids with an equally clean towel. Eyelash serums should also not be applied while contact lenses are on, or with makeup on your face. For the latter, mascara, eyeliners and other products sap eyelashes of moisture and can weaken them.

You must always ensure that you retrieve a moderate amount of the serum and that it is applied on your upper eyelash line. Since the serum naturally spreads to your lower lash as you blink, applying it to your lower lash would risk it being spread out on your skin. Ensure that you work from the outer to the inner corner of your lash line. To prevent unwanted hair growth in the areas near your eyelashes, you must wipe off excess serum with a tissue.

It goes without saying that eyelash serums should never get into your eye, as this can irritate your eye. If this happens, wash your eyes thoroughly and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

What To Look Out For When Choosing Eyelash Serums
While strolling through the aisle of your favourite supermarket in search of an eyelash serum, you might want to look out for the synthetic prostaglandin content. Little is currently known about how effective it is, and there are concerns over possible undesirable side effects. In contrast, you should be on the lookout for eyelash serums which contain a sufficient amount of natural ingredients and vitamins, as these reduce the risk of irritations and infections.

As with other beauty or skincare products, it is important to take your unique conditions into consideration by consulting a doctor to prescribe the most ideal eyelash serum for you. You would also be on the safer side by going for the most popular eyelash serums in the market.

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