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Africa: 2020 Culturati Will Redefine Africa’s Tourism Sector, Says Aregbe

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Culturati, a high-status fusion of cultural event, exhibition and award brand, will redefine the world perception about Africa’s culture, boost tourism development and attract foreign investors, its convener, Mr. Idris Aregbe has said.

Aregbe gave this assurance in a statement he issued at the weekend, noting that the cultural fiesta was scheduled to hold December 18.

He added that Culturati 2020 would provide a platform to synergise African culture and that of other continents to foster strong collaborations and explore the rich diversities of different cultures, giving Africa especially Nigeria the edge to become a destination for tourists.

He disclosed that this edition “has been designed to take promotion of African culture, growth of local businesses and human development thus restoring Africa’s eroding cultural pride, while arresting the cycle of poverty and unemployment.

“The fiesta will kick off with a red carpet and promises to be an exciting, educative and inspiring event with a number of features including, arts & cultural fair, symposium, fashion show and runway, music & dance, drama, cocktail, special recognition and awards.”

Aregbe explained that the cocktail event would serve as an avenue to introduce a movie titled This is Lagos,’ designed to showcase tourism and investment opportunities in Lagos, essentially to bring to visitors’ notice developments, capture important landmarks in the state, while also presenting an exciting adventure for attendees, as the state gradually navigates into a post-pandemic economy.

At the event, he said: “We will be integrating different cultures inspired by the theme of Culturati 2020, where we intend to create a synergy between African culture and other continents as a means to foster rewarding collaborations while exploring the rich diversities of different cultures.