Home Business Ade Olufeko breaks echo-chambers into new levels of awareness | The Guardian Nigeria News

Ade Olufeko breaks echo-chambers into new levels of awareness | The Guardian Nigeria News

Ade Olufeko breaks echo-chambers into new levels of awareness | The Guardian Nigeria News

As Nigeria goes through a maelstrom of transformation or the fight for it, Nigerian-American; business futurist Ade Olufeko, based in the southwest, is in the trenches making massive waves despite a constant devaluation of the Naira currency, which has made it challenging for many business owners. His mantra and eminence are embodied in his discipline, quiet assertiveness, and confidence.

As an alum of Saint Gregory’s College Obalande, this is one tell sign of the seeds to his work ethic. As an occasionally invited nation-building advisor speaking at various symposiums, he understands that many challenging relationships exist in every socio-economic class in our country. Still, Olufeko as a good listener is one leader whose character or integrity shines forth, and this is what lacks in various ecosystems in our supply-chain.

In addition to his technology work in the creative sector and developing the intelligence of children, he is best known for raising the profile of the issue of the low representation of women in SMEs. It is little surprise he coined the phrase that “The future is considerably female.” Challenging many perspectives in our patriarchy.

He was appointed an interim chairman of the Creative and Entertainment group at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry some months ago, bringing excitement about many possibilities. As 2021 approaches, there seems to be progress among the silent majority of a growing middle class.

Reclusive due to the high density in the city of Lagos, but very integrative with our society, he became an event judge for the PAADC 4.0 engineering students at the University of Lagos for the second time in a row, encouraging innovation in interactions. He charged the winners on the importance of learning, growing their constant contribution to society.

During 2020, as an author serving as a Guest Editor in Chief for Visual Collaborative in New York City, he wrote several volumes of non-fiction conversations with individuals such as; Chief Justice Cheri Beasley of North Carolina, Robert Greene – the author of The 48 Laws of Power, and Rika Muranaka a Japanese music composer among many others.

His name might be missing from many lists of celebrated Africans, yet his world-class attitude about his work appears to be the reward of rewards.

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