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4 Hairstyle Guides For Your Baby GirlGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

4 Hairstyle Guides For Your Baby GirlGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Different hairstyles for your baby girls | Photo Pinterest

On a sunny afternoon, you are seated with your baby girl on your laps. You already mentally figured out the cloth she would be wearing the next day, shoes are also set, but one more thing needs to be settled, and you are good to go; her hair!

It is very clear that parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities; you have to do everything within your power to know the best skincare routine to follow to keep your baby’s skin popping, you have to be on the lookout for any slight changes in their behavioural pattern and ensure their body is well taken care of while ensuring they stay adorable.

The hairstyle of your child goes a long way in attaining the adorable status for her. Truthfully, knowing just the right hair for your daughter could be stressful but relax on such worries as this article would be walking you through different beautiful ways you can style your baby’s hair; could be that you want to get creative with her natural hair or you want to braid her hair and add hair accessories.

Hairstyles accentuate your baby’s beauty, and it is essential you pick just the right style that will have people turning to tell you a fact you have always known anytime you and your baby step out— “your baby is so cute.” The following are hairstyle guides for baby girls:

Teeny Weeny Afro

Teeny Weeny Afro | Photo Pinterest

Your child has short natural hair, and you are wondering what magic you can perform with the hair? Wonder no more because teeny weeny afro is the magic! To achieve this hairstyle, wash your daughter’s hair, apply a leave-in conditioner, and twirl her hair around your fingers. That’s it! You have achieved the teeny weeny afro. One lovely thing about teeny weeny afro is that you can add any hair accessory to it, and your baby girl is set to be the centre of attraction.


If you just want to style your baby’s hair and make her look pretty without stress, this style is for you. It isn’t hard to achieve after you have given your child what would make her sit still for you to style her in the ponytail.

Ponytails are of different types; you could decide to go for the single ponytail or the double ponytail, and if you so wish, there is also the option of braiding the ponytails. For this hairstyle, you must have decided which form of ponytail you would be styling your child in before you get to the act. Afterwards, the hair should be brushed to make gathering it into a ponytail easy. Upon gathering the hair into a ponytail, secure it with a hairband, and that’s it! If it is a double ponytail, divide the hair after brushing, gather both divisions separately and secure with a hairband to form your double ponytail. Braiding the ponytail isn’t hard; divide the ponytail into three sections and cross each section into each other till you finish.

High Puff

High Puff | Photo Hairstyle For Black Women

With a high puff, your girl is ready in five minutes! In doing it, make sure your moisturiser, gel, hard brush, headband, and scarf are within your reach. The first thing to do is to make your daughter’s hair damp. The next thing to do is moisturise the hair, and this can be done by applying any hair oil you use for your baby. Upon moisturising, run the hairbrush through it and apply a gel to the edges of her hair. Next up is to wrap the headband around her hair in a way that the hair stays firm. Be careful by ensuring that the headband isn’t too tight enough to hurt her.

Buns and Bows

A very simple and classy style for your adorable angel. You have already learned how to make a ponytail, and this would come in handy in making buns. The first thing is to brush the hair and gather it in a ponytail. Afterwards, twist the hair around your hand in a clockwise position, wrap it around the ponytail base, and secure it with a hairband. Your bun is ready. You can add pretty bows to it, and that’s all about buns and bows.

Afro Hairstyle for babies


The above are four simple and beautiful hairstyle guides you can follow that won’t waste your time, and that will achieve the ultimate goal of ensuring your girl stays pretty. Don’t worry; the hairstyles would always compliment the great job you never stop doing in styling your child to remain beautiful, elegant, and noticeable amidst her peers.

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