Home Lifestyle 11 Important Things To Know About Him/Her Before You Get MarriedGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

11 Important Things To Know About Him/Her Before You Get MarriedGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

11 Important Things To Know About Him/Her Before You Get MarriedGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

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When many of us think of marriage, what we envision is wedding bells, chocolates, flowers and happy life.

However, marriage is not always a bed of roses and sometimes situations arise from a lack of knowledge about one other.

How well do you know your partner? Do they have the qualities that help you become a better person? Do they have habits that make you think twice about your relationship? Have you had the chance to get to know both the best and the worst parts about them?

These are the questions that if answered, can help you realise if you’re with the right person or not.

Here is a list of things you should know about your partner before committing to a marriage.

Career goals
Being in a relationship means that you need someone who helps you grow and who you do the same for in return. It is not a bad idea to know what your partner’s long-term career goals are as this helps you know how you can help them follow their dreams.

If they have any debt
Talking about finances in a relationship is usually uncomfortable or awkward for a lot of people but remember you are about to marry this person. Since you are planning to build a life together, you want to be clear if you are getting into a long-term relationship with someone who has a lot of debt.

Who they consider their BFF(s)
Marrying someone means you are likely to spend time with their social circles and knowing who else plays a significant and important role in their life will give you an idea of what they really value.

Their weekly routine
Time management is needed in everyone’s life and an idea of your partner’s routine will help you both manage your time together.

How they want to spend holidays
Marriage is a journey of forever and what this means is that you would be spending many vacations and holidays together. Couples should discuss how they want to spend their holidays, visits with relatives, especially if there might be drama associated with certain people.

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Their favourite shows, movies, music, etc
Knowing the things that make your partner happy is good because they become things you share together. For instance, if you both plan on bonding over TV activities, it would be good to share similar taste in TV programs, shows, and the likes. In the process of courtship, there is the probability you already know these things but you can also ask about any long-forgotten shows they love, or about any of their other “favourites.”

Favourite sex position
One of the most intimate ways you can get with your life partner is during lovemaking. Intimacy, Intimacy by definition, is shared secret knowledge. Knowing one another’s bodies and sexual preferences helps you understand how to please each other in bed. For instance, you may be the adventurous type and your partner, on the other hand, is more conservative.

How they recharge
Everyone recharges in different ways: some people need quiet time alone, while others need a night out on the town. Knowing how your partner likes to decompress and relax will help you help them whenever they’re having a rough time.

Their favourite meal
After a long, exhausting day, there’s nothing better than being surprised with your go-to comfort food. If you know your partner loves a certain meal, being able to surprise them from time to time with it will make them happy.

Days special to them
Hopefully, you already know important dates like your partner’s birthday and your anniversary — but making an effort to memorize dates that are important to them (but not necessarily to you) will make them love you even more.

Their ideal future family
If you want to build a life with your partner, it’s important to have a clear idea of how they envision their future family dynamic. It is important to know whether or not your partner wants kids and how they envision the future dynamics of the family unit.

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